Easter Parade

So, Easter has come and gone and the attack on my teeth and waistline from far too tempting chocolates has finally abated. 

I really love cracking open a giant Easter egg, don’t you?

I also enjoy getting out and about in central London which never fails to inspire me. 

A friend and I took a stroll across the river from the Southbank to take a look at the newest installation on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.  It is a very interesting and thought-provoking piece by Iraqi artist, Michael Rakowitz.

You can find out more about Michael’s artwork at the link below.  And for any teachers out there wishing to inspire your young charges, there is an annual fourth plinth schools award as well:


As I headed on to Oxford Street to catch my bus, my ears were suddenly thrilled by the most ferocious drumming.  A fantastic young woman had set up outside John Lewis and was playing her drums to a backing track of pop classics as if her life depended on it!  Hair flying, her arms a blur.  A huge crowd gathered around her on the pavement to listen.  She even stopped the traffic when around a hundred Easter bunnies on bicycles paused to listen as well. A surreal and delightful moment.

Spring has arrived at last – I hope it’s putting a spring in your own creative steps!


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