Happy Chinese New Year – It’s the Year of the Dog!


Thank you for taking the time to visit Cedric’s site (he’s really thrilled, honestly) and we hope you like what you see.  Don’t feel shy to write to us – and for any small people who want to know more about Cedric just ask your Mummy or Daddy to send a message on your behalf and we’ll pass it on.
Whatever your Chinese sign, we hope that this is a fantastic year for you all!

Katie (Dragon),  Anne (Pig) and Lucia (Dog)

Happy New Year!

leaf borderCynics say that celebrating the New Year is pointless, that soon after the New Year arrives, we all forget our resolutions and resort to our old ways.  

I say that the New Year offers us the priceless commodity of hope.  

The beginning of a new year allows us to draw a line behind the previous one and to reflect on what happened, good and bad. It gives us pause for thought and time to see how we might do things differently; it also inspires us to dream.  Whether your dreams are big or small, it takes hope to dream – and courage. 

leaf border

Be brave

Have hope

Be inspired!