Cedric the Bear is always on the go, helping out strangers, making new friends and travelling to new places. Friendly and well-mannered, even when he is being kidnapped from the Victoria and Albert Museum! Who was that strange looking guard? And why didn’t his jacket fit right? The police start their investigation and get a tip-off from two children who have seen something. Can they get Cedric back?

In another adventure, Cedric learns two heads are better than one and saves the day with the help of his friends at London Zoo.

Cedric even travels to Paris, to meet his cousin, Velours the Cat; he hasn’t seen her for a very long time. He’s shocked to discover that Velours now has a disability following an accident, but his concern is quickly turned to admiration when he learns that Velours is a Pet Paralympian and she’s in training for her biggest race yet!

Cedric is a teddy bear handmade by Katie Eggington in her studio in Hampshire which has been displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Cedric has been brought to life in this children’s book by writer, Lucia Wilson, and illustrator, Anne Bowes, in a unique collaboration with Katie.

Written by Lucia Wilson, illustrations by Anne Bowes and created by Katie Eggington
Published by Amsterdam Publishers