“I enjoyed the Cedric story very much and liked how it included many different elements for children like museums, being polite, adventures, how to tackle bullies, the role of the police etc.  All done in way that they will enjoy and soak up without realising they are “learning.”

Brian – A parent

“I want to read that!”

James Davies, aged 7 on seeing the extract of Cedric at the Museum

“I adore the Cedric illustrations… bursting with youthful energy.  Cedric is an engaging story and I can’t wait to read how he is rescued by your two young stars.”

Rosaleen Gubbins

“I love the illustrations – they are charming and you have captured such a lot of personality in them. I wanted to leap into the middle of the pile of leaves, too, very enticing! I’ve looked at the sample from the book and really like the fact that the writer has not been afraid to…

Lynn Farley-Rose

“It is far too cute for words. The story sounds fun and exciting, and the illustrations are naive, detailed and gorgeous. Ah, congratulations! I love it and can’t wait to read the full stories. My kiddos would love these stories, especially considering there’s a real bear it’s based on.”

Samantha Narich

“Very charming story and excellent illustrations – well done!”

Sara Kirby

“A charming book that quickly became a favourite with my child. The three stories are sweet and contain just enough drama to be exciting for children, without being too scary; the illustrations are delightful. It’s a book with real heart.” Reviewed on Amazon 05/02/2020

Dr F.H.

“What a wonderful book – I loved reading about Cedric’s adventures. Lucia, Katie and Anne brought him to life in a charming way. A fantastic addition to both an adult’s and child’s bookshelf. I’ll certainly be buying more of these to give to friends and family.” Reviewed on Amazon 04/11/2019

Caroline Drummond Smith

“A delightful story about Cedric bear. The back story of how Cedric came into existence brings the story to life. He was hand woven then hand made by Katie, a woven textiles designer. Beautiful illustrations and well written. Highly recommend this book.” Reviewed on Amazon 28/10/2019.

Claire McKinley

“Really enjoying reading this book with my son! Three different tales following Cedric the bear, each with an engaging story and lovely illustrations. I like how it’s based on a real handmade teddy bear which really brings the story to life. Thoroughly recommend!” Reviewed on Amazon 24/10/2019

R. Smith