“I enjoyed the Cedric story very much and liked how it included many different elements for children like museums, being polite, adventures, how to tackle bullies, the role of the police etc.  All done in way that they will enjoy and soak up without realising they are “learning.”

Brian – A parent

“I want to read that!”

James Davies, aged 7 on seeing the extract of Cedric at the Museum

“I adore the Cedric illustrations… bursting with youthful energy.  Cedric is an engaging story and I can’t wait to read how he is rescued by your two young stars.”

Rosaleen Gubbins

“Your illustrations are wonderful and the stories so charming! Children (and adults!) are going to love Cedric!”

Sophia Wadsworth

“I love the illustrations – they are charming and you have captured such a lot of personality in them. I wanted to leap into the middle of the pile of leaves, too, very enticing! I’ve looked at the sample from the book and really like the fact that the writer has not been afraid to…

Lynn Farley-Rose

“It is far too cute for words. The story sounds fun and exciting, and the illustrations are naive, detailed and gorgeous. Ah, congratulations! I love it and can’t wait to read the full stories. My kiddos would love these stories, especially considering there’s a real bear it’s based on.”

Samantha Narich

“What a great website. It’s really clear and easy to navigate round and explains well what it’s all about and how the books came about. So I’m afraid, now useful constructive criticism as I think you’ve all got it exactly right.”

Caroline Drummond-Smith

“Very charming story and excellent illustrations – well done!”

Sara Kirby