Christmas card downloads – to colour in and send

Here’s a fun activity for young children to practise their writing and decorating skills! Just click the link for more information about making Christmas cards. It’s very easy!

Just print off any of the free card designs and encourage the youngsters in your circle to give their personalised cards to their friends, families, neighbours. Let’s spread some Christmas cheer!

with warmest wishes, from Cedric

Where did the Teddy Bear come from?

Cartoon in The Washington Post by Clifford Berryman

The term teddy bear was created in 1902 when President Theodore Roosevelt (often referred to as Teddy) was hunting. Some of his attendants capture a black bear and tied it to a tree for the President to shoot. The President refused and not long after was depicted in Clifford Berryman’s cartoon.

Morris Mitchem, who founded the Ideal Novelty and Toy Co., soon after created Teddy’s Bear – a soft toy cub which was immediately popular.

Lucia Wilson, author of The Adventures of Cedric the Bear (and more!), has written a list of her top picks for the ‘best children’s books with thought-provoking social themes’. Lucia has picked out three wonderful books which all have a social theme running through them, as well as being a great read and conversation starter.

“There is nothing more gratifying when you are reading your own books to a group of children to see that they are eager to know what is going to happen next.”

Head over to Shepherd to be inspired by Lucia’s list!

A few of my favourite Christmas books

Christmas is coming very soon, so I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Christmas books:

I think they are gorgeous! What are your favourite Christmas books?

Have a very Happy Christmas!

With love, Anne x

The Power of Reading and Writing

Isn’t it a wonderful thing to be able to read and write?

I love reading books and losing myself in all sorts of stories. I also love writing and receiving letters, real letters with stamps, not just text messages and emails. Does it sound old-fashioned? Well, let me ask you this – would you rather get a real birthday card in the post or a text message? A few words in a birthday card that someone has bought or made especially for you are far more precious than a text message and can be something to treasure. So, next time you are thinking of someone you love and want to send them a text message or an email, why not think about writing a letter? They’ll be so delighted to read your news written in your own handwriting.

It’s easy for many of us to take reading and writing for granted, but many children have limited access to education whilst others struggle to learn to read and write.  In addition, there are also many adults who need help with their literacy, which is why it is so important that charities like The Literacy Trust and the Children’s Literacy Charity exist and need our support so that everyone can access the power and joy of reading and writing.

Lucia x