Cedric readings

One of my favourite things to do is to share Cedric’s adventures with children via readings.

I had a lot of fun just before Christmas reading online to a group of Brownies in Leeds. They really enjoyed listening to an extract from the story, Cedric in Paris, which is about the Pet Paralympians and the big race, Le Grand Dash.

Here’s Anne’s illustration of Minnie and Chen, two of the competitors.

After the reading, we had an interesting discussion about disability. I was so impressed by the girls I met and my admiration for the Brownies is boundless! What a great organisation*.

Please get in touch with us via the site if you would like us to do a reading at your school/organisation.

We’d be delighted to oblige!

Lucia x

*You can find out more about the Brownies and the Girl Guides by clicking here.

And here’s a link to the Scouts and the Cubs.

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